About Habitat Earth

New Year, New Community, New Start

'What would Love do?' 

When you live in the perfect community, you are surrounded by the answer to this question.

Habitat Earth is such a community, dedicated to answering it in every aspect.  Those of us who reside here react to it as we raise our children to be whole, loving and truly alive beings.  We reply as we feed our bodies with chemical-free whole foods.  We respond through our loving care for the planet on which we live, and we live it in our acceptance of and appreciation for all living beings.  We build it into our homes, we craft it into our arts, we permeate our relationships with the essence, and we share it with our visitors.

You may ask who and what we are, and what we can tell you is that we have answered the call as follows:

Who?  Visionaries, seekers, and activists (in the best meaning of the word) dedicated to working towards an en-lightened planet. 

What?  A community of like-minded people who believe that love, peace, respect for others, acceptance of all, spiritual introspection,  community building and caring co-existence are of prime importance in the place we live.

When?  Now, always in the now.

Where?  We live in the ether;  we are all around you.  We are those who feel it is time to speak out.

Why?   We want to share our community with those who are seeking to build a better world in which to live.  

We want our children to learn that it is not only helpful to have a spiritual, loving, kind and caring existence, but that it is a necessary part of humanity's evolution to do so.  We want them to know that engagement in the arts is a way to touch the Divine within, that learning how to think for themselves is a necessity, and that the self-examined life is the only one worth living. 

And most importantly, we want to further every cause that holds love for all life as a basic tenet.

If you'd like to join our community, please subscribe via email on the right, or below through Atom, ask for posts that are of interest to you and your desire for a better world, and share your comments on the posts you find here. If you are committed to an en-lightened planet, please contact us for an opportunity to guest blog here on Habitat Earth. You can also find Habitat Earth on Facebook, so stop over and 'Like' us there.

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